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Welcome to MRS Coats

Experience shopping at Mrs Coats, where every visit is a journey into personalized style. 

Our founder, Cindy Levesque, extends a warm invitation to explore fashion tailored to your taste and budget. From curvy chic to timeless classics, we curate a diverse collection that celebrates individuality from Regular, Petites and Plus (1X-3X)

Enjoy expert guidance from Cindy herself, ensuring you leave not just with clothing but with a renewed sense of confidence and style. Elevate your wardrobe at Mrs Coats—where shopping is an experience, and style is uniquely yours.

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Manteaux Madame- Mrs. Coats February 27, 2024
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Affordable fashion with personalized guidance.

Everyday Clothing

At Mrs Coats, we get to know each client, offering everyday chic in a community-focused, affordable fashion setting.

Seasonal Accessories

Find seasonal accessories to complement your style. From cozy scarves in winter to breezy hats in summer, Cindy's selection always adds the perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe.

The service team at Boutique Manteaux Madame

Remarkable service

At Mrs. Coats, our exceptional customer service goes beyond clothing. We're dedicated to ensuring the best shopping experience imaginable.